Nonchalant London @ Streetfest 2015

Tobacco Dock was
the venue for Streetfest 2015. A family friendly festival where all things
urban congregates on one day to make the rest of us feel like we should have
taken up a skill so we can go around looking just as cool.
In the corridors
was a continuous graffiti session with artists grafting all day over their

skateboarding, unicycling, DJ sets, and inline skating were held outside (in a
tiny area) where the inline skaters were pulling some awesome moves on a half
pipe. But we thought
the best moves were pulled off on the breakdancing stage.
Impressive moves
by Nadia Lumley, one of the judges.

Whilst there
(where we spent most of the day gawping at Nadia, or was that just me…?) we
also got to see some really talented young breakdancers, one girl was only 8
and she was (we would say) one of the best, she definitely got the crowds

left the breakdance stage we wandered, the constant soundtrack for the day
travelling into our ears coming from the different artists on the main stage.
Outside in the
sunshine, we found a few market stalls selling independently made merchandise.  Bikes were on sale, but no skateboards?? We
were a little disappointed to find we couldn’t get a skateboard, but let’s face
it…we can’t skate.  
To help mend our
broken hearts we went to drown our sorrows and grabbed a Czech beer and walked
straight to the food, so we could eat our feelings (eating is the most
important part of our day). Dining on a pulled pork bun from The Joint. One
word – TASTAAY.
After our feast
(carrying food babies) we went back inside to find a tutorial on breakdancing
with a group of kids in one of the rooms, a girl in the process of getting a
tattoo, new unsigned bands on the unsigned stage and a room full of families
drawing and painting.
Although the
kids made you feel that you’d lost your cool when you were, well, born, it had
something for everyone to enjoy and a definite family vibe. The venue felt a
little disjointed at times, but the general atmosphere was fun and friendly.
Great for anybody with an interest in street art and anything urban.

In a nutshell, it
was right up our street…fest, and probably up yours too, definitely one to
check out next year!

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