A Slice of Lemon

We’re doing this all for you. Each and every one of you. Some might call us selfless individuals or perhaps Lesbian angels of the night (hmmm, actually that sounds like a dodgy porno), but don’t thank us – it’s what you deserve. That’s right, we’ve decided to visit a different bar each week and review it just for ya’ll all under the tidy name of “A Slice of Lemon”. 
“A Slice of Lemon” London bar review articles will turn you in to that social know-it-all that we all crave to be. We’ll have your friends saying “you always know the best places” in no time Sista! Each of the bars will be dotted around London, some gay some not so gay, but interesting all the same. So stay tuned for insights into what great bars are out there both for your date nights but also for your straight nights (aka work drinks). We’ve got some great insight into Lesbian bars across London, but first up we’ll be writing a Basement Sate review – a soho beauty. 
We hope you enjoy, 

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