Lesbians X Sports Luxe

Lesbians X Sports-Luxe Lesbians X Sports-Luxe

Lesbians everywhere rejoice! Sports-Luxe, would you believe it, is in and here to stay. Yes! Yes my gay friends, get those creps on! Before you say it we already know, we were also thinking the same thing – Lesbians have been sporting (excuse the pun) Sports-Luxe FOR YEARS people, it just so happens that now we’re on trend. Finally.

Lesbians X Sports-Luxe Lesbians X Sports-Luxe Lesbians X Sports-Luxe

Due to this fabulous new era, we’ve put together the best selection of Adidas sports luxe gear that we urge you to adorn. However, there is a slight draw back; sadly this may mess with your gaydar, you’ll come across your general straight girl also rocking up in the latest Kappa gear. So just bear that in mind ladies – she ain’t gay just because she’s wearing Nike Knits.

Sports-Luxe Adidas Crush Selection:

Adidas Superstar – £74.99
Lesbians X Sports-Luxe
Adidas Slides – £30
Lesbians X Sports-Luxe
Adidas T-shirt – £20
Lesbians X Sports-Luxe
Adidas Backpack – £29.99
Lesbians X Sports-Luxe

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