Koodeta – Lesbian Techno Event Night

Lesbian. Techno. Party. East. London.

Koodeta is a recently launched lesbian techno event night in London. It’s open to female-identifying individuals and you’ll be pleased to know that men are welcome but will only be granted access if they are known and trusted by the event organisers.

Koodeta - Lesbian Techno Event Night

Hosted in The German Deli Warehouse, Hackney Wick (basically, a sausage factory – ironic), Koodeta is an intimate warehouse party for lovers of hard and brutal techno. A strict ‘no photo’ policy means you can do what you want, wear what you want, and enjoy the music and atmosphere with no interruptions or judgement.

Check our events calendar for the the next Koodeta night and more lesbian event nights in London >

Enjoy x



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