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Who feels inspired by the London Marathon? Granted a lot of us watched from the sofa, nursing a hangover and a stomach full of guilt to epic proportions, but what’s to stop anyone donning a pair of pumps and getting those pins prancing? Well, apart from lacking a sense of direction and a headache from hell. Anyone can run!

We all know running is good for your physical and mental health, so what else is it good for? Absolutely nothing, kidding-  it’s also a great way to meet new people and be social without a drink in your hand. There are a number of running groups in and around London, including those of a lesbian nature, so no matter who you’d feel comfortable running with, there’s a group for you. You may be walking like John Wayne for a week but hey, maybe some chicks dig that.

Anyway, what’s to wear? Bright and tight? Or dark and…. darker? There are some great websites, offering deals and discounts on running gear on point. We’ve provided some of these below for you little beauties, so even if you’re running with a rather unique technique, you’ll be looking good as you do.

running gearRunning Gear

Compression- fit sport socks | H&M | £4.99

running gear                    

 Running Tights | H&M | £29.99

Running Gear

  Contour Workout Leggings | Sweaty Betty | £55


Running Gear

Ronhill Run Print Headband | Gear For Girls | £8

Running Gear

Nike Elastika Tank Ld71 | Sweatshop | £17.50

Running Gear

          Adidas Supernova Running Tank Top | John Lewis | £20

Running Gear

Asics Graphic Print 7/8 Tights | John Lewis | £45

Running Gear

Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra | Wiggle | £29.99

Run Attire

Adidas Rock Tank | Wiggle | £17.95

Running Gear

Reekbok Crossfit Women’s Long Bra Top (AW15) | Wiggle  | £30.25

  running attire

Swell Workout Socks | Surfdome | £2.99

 Run Attire Gear

UA HeatGear Armour 2-In-1 Tank | Under Armour UK | £40

Running Attire

Women’s Puma Fitness Leggings | Decathlon | £15.99

And remember, no matter how slow you go, you’re still going faster than the person ogling the London marathon on the settee.

Happy Running, NL x

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