Amaroun Spotify Take-Over

Singer-songwriter Amaroun takes over our Spotify playlist with all tunes she loves.
Check it out below and the reason’s she picked them.

Kanye West  – All Mine
Gotta start this playlist with a bang. I’d play this on a Monday when I need to pump myself urrrrp
Kamaal Williams – Rhythm Commission
Sweeeet sounds. That is all.
Kanye West – Ghost Town
I don’t necessarily believe in everything that Kanye comes out with, but everything he brings out at least says something and I’m always pulled to it.
A$AP Rocky – Purity
I literally picked this because my life has been so busy lately and the first few picks emphasise that. I’m always searching for peace of mind.
Jon Hopkins – Emerald Rush (Edit)
I love this guy’s stuff! It makes me feel so good. Listening to this, I can’t decide if I wanna run around and rave, or lie in a field and just take it all in. Love it.
Princess Nokia – For The Night
I really love her as an artist. Love the beat and it makes me feel like a geeee.
Amen Dunes – Miki Dora
I love the way this guy sings and the groove of the drums.
Orange Juice – I Can’t Help Myself
Feels good! Dancing around my room for no reason type of tune.
Cage the Elephant – Trouble
Great song. Just a great song.
Snail Mail – Thinning
The way this track starts reminds me of how I used to write songs with my old band. Makes me feel nostalgic. I like the melody too.
Flasher – Pressure
I listen to it when I’m running. And it soundtracks my push-ups. Yep yep yep.
Laraaji – Hare Jaya Jaya Rama I
I like the repetitive lyrics & sounds. Trancey.
Camera Obscura – Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken
I like the chorus. When I got into this I was definitely preparing to be heartbroken & was full of irrational thoughts.
Soccer Mommy – Blossom (Wasting All My Time)
Stripped back and beautiful. I love it.
Professor Rhythm – Professor 3
Yes! This makes me just wanna go out!! I’ve got another project that sounds a tiny bit like this.
Benin City – What The Hell Are You On
Good friends of mine. They’ve just released their album! Go check it out.
Public Practice – Foundation (Demo)
Just a tune. I love the spoken word type delivery. The drums and bass are just great.
Goat Girl – The Man
Chorus love. That is all.
Sir Was – In the Midst
Beautiful tune. Love the production and vocals. Makes me feel like I’m walking through a misty forest and stumbling across a rave with no sound.
Andy Jenkins – Sweet Bunch
Recommended by my friend Charles Watson. So good! Melodies are just grand.
I picked this because it grabs me from the get-go.
For more, check out our interview with Amaroun here!

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