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Eyewear For All Occasions | Nonchalant London

Eyewear For All Occasions

Christmas seems like it is well and truly upon us. The Pumpkin Spice Lattes are in all the
chained coffee shops, with every store blaring out those
Christmas tunes, and we are all using it as an excuse to start our Winter bod now ūüėŹ.

So there’s no better time then to secure those Christmas goodies….or just get something for yourself….

Our friends over at Goodordering normally known for their Urban Cycling Accessories, are launching some top draw new glasses to choose from. What caught our eye (pun intended) was the 3-in-1 Magnetic functionality, which means that whether you need a prescription for your vision, want to protect your peepers from the wintery sunshine OR clearer vision on a dreary winters day, they have you covered.

They also throw in a box, stiff case and microfibre drawstring pouch, so you can keep your glasses looking sexeh. Buy a pair on Kickstarter while their campaign is live now, and grab some other exclusive free gifts too.

Good Ordering Glasses

We couldn‚Äôt believe how easy it is to switch between the prescription lenses and sunglasses ‚Äď
the snap-magnets make it a snip. And the magnets are oh-so-satisfying to play with too!
But if you don’t just want to be a trendy urban lady, and actually require these for everyday use,
at work etc, then here’s the stuff you need to know about their durability, plus info about the lens quality.

The frame (get ready for the Science bit) is made from¬†Ultem (we had no idea what this was either but read on and see how great it is) which is a thermoplastic resin that is used in the aerospace, automotive and military industries (so yeah, pretty durable right?). They won’t be sliding off your face every 2 seconds because they have a high strength to weight ratio, and they’re resistant to environmental stress and cracking, resistant to alcohols, acids, and weak aqueous solutions.

The lenses are Polarised which provide 100% protection from glare and UV rays!

You can also support the development of these incredible glasses in Goodordering’s kickstarter campaign here.

Goodordering Magnetic Glasses come in 5 different colours (good luck choosing) check them out below.

Multi-Lens Glasses Navy £85

Multi- lens from goodordering

Multi-Lens Glasses Black £85

Multi-lens black from goodordering

Multi-Lens Glasses Maroon £85

Goodordering lens in maroon

Multi-Lens Glasses Mustard Yellow £85

goodordering multi lens in yellow

Multi-Lens Glasses Green £85

Goodordering glasses in green

Check out the full range >

Happy Christmas shopping ya filthy animals!

Team NL x


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