Pride UK 2018

pride uk

Pride UK

Apparently there are over 120 different pride events happening in the UK this year, which is more than any other European country. We may be small but we know how to celebrate the cause, right? Since the first UK Pride took place in London way back in July 1972, it’s grown to epic proportions from a moderate 2000 people to over 40,000. If you’ve done London, Brighton and want to mix shit up, why not play Russian Roulette with the list below? Pride is escalating quicker going for ‘just one beer’ and events are cropping up all over the country, with some boroughs even getting in on the action. So low and behold, we’ve provided you beauties with a list of pride events taking place over the UK this summer, ensuring you can crack out your glitter and ooze your gay at least once in 2018.



Midsomer Norton   16 June 2018

Croydon   14 July 2018

Bristol   14 July 2018

Isle of Wight  21 July 2018

Norwich   28 July 2018

Brighton   4 August 2018

Ely and Cambridge   11 August 2018

Folkestone   18 August 2018

Cardiff   25 August 2018

Totnes   01 September 2018


Grampian   26 May 2018

Birmingham   26 May 2018

Blackpool   9 June 2018

York   9 June 2018

Edinburgh   16 June 2018

Sparkle Manchester   7 July 2018

Worksop  7 July 2018

Fife (Kirkcaldy)   7 July 2018

Glasgow   14 July 2018

Newcastle-upon-Tyne   21 July 2018

West Lothian   28 July 2018

Sheffield  28 July 2018

Nottingham   29 July 2018

Chester  11 August 2018

Manchester   25 August 2018

Sunderland   24 September 2018

Lincoln   29 September 2018

Wolverhampton   30 September 2018

Check out our events calendar, if you prefer to pick a date and go from there.

Check out our post on Pride Events in Europe to celebrate European style.

Happy Pridin’
Team NL x

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