Welcome to our music archive.

Here at Nonchalant London we’re all massive music junkies. Attending gigs in and around London is what we do best, and we felt it was important to share that love and create three playlists for you to enjoy.

You’ll find three playlists below as follows: ‘What we’re listening to’ which is new music we’re listening to, ‘Drinks’ which is our main pre-drinks playlist, and finally ‘Chill’ – pretty shit title for that one but you get the gist – it will chill you the feck out or you can use it for date night.. nice aint we.

Enjoy x

What We’re Listening To

Here you’ll find an eclectic mix of new music we’re listening to this week…

Drinks by Nonchalant London

Our pre-drinks playlist…shots, shots, shots, shots!

Chill by Nonchalant London

Perfect for Wine nights, date nights in and chilled evenings…aweee (douche!)

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